The first question to ask – have I died and gone to heaven? Because if there is a heaven and you were fortunate enough to be granted access, then this is probably where you would choose to spend eternity.

Clearly with absolutely no expense spared, the owners have built a dream home with every possible amenity and luxury convenience carefully blending in with the natural look and feel of stone, wood and natural coverings. From the stone waterfall cleverly hiding the hot tub (my tip is to watch the magnificent sunset from probably the best vantage point on the Island soaking away in the hot tube while drinking a fine glass of wine) to the secluded roof top terrace, you will be amazed by the creative way that the designer has blended the modern with the natural.

Some may think that the 4 bedrooms (or should I say mimi villas) built separately from the main house is a crazy idea. But believe me, it allows complete privacy, and an undisturbed nights sleep and is a brilliant idea. The main house is really one huge room encompassing the kitchen, breakfast bar, dinning room and then lounge but each area sensibly and tastefully finished in such a way that you you never get a feeling of intruding on one another’s space.

This home is very special and I really can’t recommend it enough

– Andee, London (submitted 03/2012)